Chronic pain and illness change everything.

Sometimes you begin to lose yourself in the process

"Who am I without a career? Without my strength? Without all the things I used to be able to do?"
"How do I work through all the loss and grief?"
"How do I maintain my relationships when I always feel terrible?"
"Is there any purpose or meaning to what I am going through?"
"How am I supposed to keep going when the pain just doesn’t stop?"
Chronic pain and illness change everything.

Learn How Expressive Writing Can Help You...

  • Reduce Emotional Distress

    Writing that includes a high level of emotional disclosure can improve mood, reduce intrusive thoughts and anxiety, and increase your overall sense of well-being.

  • Improve Physical Health

    Research shows that expressive writing can reduce stress hormones, increase immune function, lower heart rate, and decrease physical pain.

  • Find Yourself Again

    Expressive writing will help you process feelings and memories, gain insight and meaning, process spiritual issues, and set future goals and plans.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Your Story
    • Project: Draw Your Life
    • Prompt: Biggest Challenges
    • Prompt: Stream of Consciousness
    • Prompt: A Day in the Life
    • Prompt: Change
  • 3
    Your Grief and Emotions
    • Prompt: What Are You Feeling?
    • Prompt: Stages of Grief
    • Project: Psalm of Lament
    • Prompt: Create a Visual
    • Prompt: Chronic Grief
    • Check-In
  • 4
    Your Faith
    • Project: Draw your Faith
    • Prompt: Changing Faith
    • Prompt: Talk to God
    • Prompt: Remain Faithful
    • Prompt: Questions
  • 5
    Your Relationships
  • 6
    Your Strength, Joy and Hope
    • Project: Keep a Log
    • Prompt: Strength
    • Prompt: Show Compassion
    • Prompt: Joy
    • Prompt: Hope for Hard Days
  • 7
    Your Goals
  • 8
    Final Thoughts
    • Final Prompt: Moving Forward

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